MondoBrite Support

Frequently Asked Questions

General Product Questions

Is there an easy way to just have MondoBrite show displays without making them myself?

YES!  You can select “PLAY DEMO” from the Main Menu.  Two Demos are available. The Diffusion Demo is optimized for MondoBrite “SOFT”, the Tint Demo is optimized for MondoBrite “DOTS”. Use J1 to select which demo you want to see and how long you want each display to show for, then sit back and watch the show!

How many different displays can MondoBrite make?

At last count it was somewhere around 37 Million.

If I see something I like, how can I save it?

Press J1 in and hold J1 in until the display blinks twice.  Now it’s saved in your Gallery!

What’s the "Gallery"?

Your Gallery is where you save the displays you especially like.  You can save up to 200 of your luminous art creations in your Gallery.  To go to the Gallery, just move J1 up or down until the display shows “GALLERY”.  Then click (push in and release) J1 to enter the Gallery’s menu. You can do lots of different things in the gallery – check out the “Gallery” section of the manual to learn more.

What’s a “Luminous Art Studio”?

A Luminous Art Studio is where you create your luminous art masterpieces.  A couple examples are “Glow Flow” and “Twin Star”.  Move J1 up or down until the title of one of the Luminous Art Studios is displayed, then click J1 to enter the studio.  Once you’re in, adjust the Joystick settings to create millions of possible luminous art displays.  Don’t forget to save your favorites to your Gallery!

Can I include my scrolling text messages in my Slide Show?

YES!  In fact this is a great way to create a promotional display or to have MondoBrite display messages for special occasions.

What's a MondoBrite "Selfie"?
MondoBrite can randomly choose one of the millions of possible displays for you – that’s a MondoBrite Selfie!
Just nudge J1 sideways when the Studio Title is on the screen.  (for example when “GLOW FLOW” is being displayed and before clicking J1 to enter GLOW FLOW). If you love it, save it to your Gallery by pressing J1 in and holding J1 in until you hear two beeps.  OR, you can make changes to it first, and then save it!  To try again, just nudge J1 up or down to return to the title, then nudge J1 sideways again.
Where should I locate my MondoBrite?

Think of MondoBrite like you would a candle or a Lava Lamp.  These other luminous objects are at their best in subdued lighting.  The same is true for MondoBrite!  Locate your MondoBrite where it is not exposed to direct sunlight or very bright lights for best results.

Can I power MondoBrite using my Cell Phone Charger? Can I run it from my PC’s USB Port?

Maybe. It all depends on how much power your Charger or USB Port can provide, and how much power MondoBrite requires for whatever it’s displaying. If you experience any problems, try the AC Adapter provided with your MondoBrite to confirm proper operation. You can test your power source by going to MondoBrite’s “TOOL BOX” and selecting “POWER TEST”. Please be aware that many of the inexpensive cell phone chargers that claim to be genuine are in fact counterfeit and provide very poor quality power and seldom live up to their ratings. Please avoid using such adapters with your MondoBrite.

Can I Make MondoBrite Portable?

YES!  Because MondoBrite is powered from a standard Micro USB connector, MondoBrite can easily be powered from the popular and inexpensive “Power Bricks” readily available from Amazon and other sources.  These Lithium Battery Packs are small, portable and provide 5 Volt USB power – perfect for your MondoBrite!  A Power Brick with a 5000mAh capacity will typically run your MondoBrite all day long!  We recommend using a Power Brick that has an output of at least 2.0A (2.4A outputs are common).

What’s a “BriteCode”?

A “BriteCode” is a 6-character code which allows MondoBrite owners to share their creations with each other.  From the Gallery “Explore” option, you can see the BriteCode for things you have in your Gallery.  Give this BriteCode to someone else and they can select “BRITE CODE” from the Main Menu and enter that BriteCode and Wha-La your creation will appear before their very eyes!

I’ve discovered some really cool displays, how can I share them with the world?
  1. Save the displays to your Gallery
  2. Go into your Gallery and select “Explore”
  3. Use J2 to go to the display you want to share
  4. Click J2 and then use J2 to select “See BriteCode”
  5. Email this BriteCode along with your Nickname and a brief comment to: [email protected]
  6. We will post it on the Britefun Gallery page for the rest of the world to enjoy (plus you get your 15 minutes of fame!)
How do I play back my art collection?
  1. Go to Gallery, then to “Set Play Time” and select a display duration.
  2. Now, in Gallery, select “Play” and MondoBrite will cycle through your whole Gallery displaying each entry for the specified amount of time.
  3. OR… Compose a custom Slide Show of up to 30 of your favorite Gallery entries and play the Slide Show.
  4. You can also go to Gallery, select “Explore”, then select a single entry from your Gallery using J2-up/down and just let that one play.
What are the Red and Green LEDs behind the backside center panel?

If MondoBrite is getting power, the Green LED will be lit. Always check this first if MondoBrite isn’t working.

The Red LED signals you if a Software Update is required. Under normal conditions, the Red LED will turn off after start up.  If a Software Update is needed, the Red LED will blink every 2 seconds as it’s waiting for the new Software to be downloaded.  Refer to the Revision Notes for the software update to see what’s new and to read detailed instructions about how to do the update.

Technical & Troubleshooting

My MondoBrite is just dark. Nothing’s happening! What’s wrong?

Your MondoBrite probably isn’t getting power. Look at the center panel on the back of your MondoBrite.  Do you see a little Green light? If you have power, that Green light will be on.  If it’s not on, check your power adapter connections! If the Green light is ON, but things aren’t working, check to see if there is also a RED light blinking.

A blinking RED light means MondoBrite is waiting for a Software Download. This happens when you’ve selected “Update Software” from MondoBrite’s Tool Box menu.

MondoBrite has colors on it, but nothing’s moving!

MondoBrite has a wide range of Speed Settings.  The lower Speed Settings are called “Super Slow” because, just like the hour hand of a clock, they look like they’re not moving, but they are.  Just really slowly!  Try moving J1 sideways to select a higher Speed to see things move.  “Super Slow” is fun because when you look at your MondoBrite occasionally, it will always look different, even though it doesn’t appear to be moving at the moment!

I’m trying to make a Slide Show, but MondoBrite just flashes “EMPTY”.

Remember – Your Slide Show is composed of entries from your Gallery.  If you have nothing in your Gallery, there’s nothing to build a Slide Show from!  Save some displays to your Gallery (press and hold J1 while the display is playing), then try building a Slide Show again.

The controls only affect one color (Red or Green). How do I control the other color?

Click J2 to switch color controls!  “Luminous Art Studio” displays are created by combining Red and Green patterns. Use the Joysticks to pick patterns and motion for one color, then click J2 to pick patterns and motion for the other color.  Then sit back and watch the magic as the two patterns combine!

The Display is all Red or all Green - where did the other colors go?

Click J2 to switch between controlling the Red or the Green colors when using the Luminous Art Studio displays. You can also use J2 to select a setting which turns off one of the colors to make a single color display.

Software Updates (Use Windows PC only)

Update your MondoBrite to Software Version B05 !

Version B05 provides important updates as described in the Revision Notes.

For Software Updates, there are always two files:
  • The file ending in “.pdf” is the documentation explaining what’s new in this version
  • The file ending in “.bin” is the software file you’ll drag-n-drop onto your MondoBrite

NOTE: If you’re upgrading from Software Version A001 or A002, please contact Britefun for assistance.


MondoBrite “DOTS”

Dimensions: 9.3” x 3.6” x 2.1”
Weight: 1.3 lbs
Power: 5VDC via Micro USB (0.1A – 1.5A)

MondoBrite “SOFT”

Dimensions: 9.3” x 3.6” x 2.5”
Weight: 1.4 lbs
Power: 5VDC via Micro USB (0.1A – 1.5A)