Creative Fun with Interactive Luminous Art

MondoBrite is a fun, creative and easy way to play with light and color.
With simple Joystick movements, you can explore millions of possibilities and create beautiful displays of Luminous Art.
Create your own Luminous Art collection and brighten your world by adding MondoBrite to your home or office decor today.

MondoBrite Features

Soft Blend or Crisp Dots – The Choice is Yours

MondoBrite comes in two different styles.  MondoBrite SOFT creates a soft blend of colors and shapes, MondoBrite DOTS displays crisp clear dots of colored light.  Which one’s your style?

Move to the Music

MondoBrite has a variety of customizable Sound Responsive displays.  Watch Fire Flies dance to the music, enjoy the colorful Rock Star display or take on The Blob!

Start with the Demo

Select “Play Demo” to see a pre-set collection of luminous art displays already created for you.

Make a Selfie

Let MondoBrite create its own art for you!  A simple nudge of a Joystick and MondoBrite will randomly reveal one of the millions of possible displays.  If you love it, simply press a joystick to add it to your collection.

Create Your Own Interactive Luminous Art

Select one of the “Luminous Art Studios” and control patterns, colors, effects and speed using simple Joystick movements.  Save your creations in your Gallery and play them back as beautiful luminous art.

Create a Custom Slide Show

Show off your art by composing a custom Slide Show of your favorite creations. You choose the order and play times. You can even include your scrolling messages to create a great promotional tool or displays for special occasions.

Slow and Relaxing or Fast and Exciting!

You can create art that moves quickly, slowly, or even art that stands still. Relax to a gentle, soothing glow or watch exciting, colorful fireworks.  Whatever inspires you is right at your fingertips!

Say Something

Create and save scrolling messages. Customize the colors and speed. Display them horizontally or vertically.  Save them to your Gallery and even include them in your Slide Show!

Simple Joystick Controls

Menus and prompts guide your way – just move a Joystick and click to make your selection.

Sleep Timer

Set your MondoBrite to turn off automatically whenever you want. Great for bedtime!

Share with Friends

Each creation saved in your Gallery has a unique “BriteCode” that you can share with other MondoBrite owners. When they enter your BriteCode on their MondoBrite, they’ll see your creation! Try entering BriteCodes from your friends and see what they’ve made!

Update For New Features

Update your software as new features and displays become available.