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All your creations generate BriteCodes that can be shared with other users. Have a BriteCode to share with the MondoBrite Community? Email it to We’ll review your submission and post it on the Gallery Page for others to enjoy.

Please send the BriteCode, the Display Type (“SOFT” or “DOTS”), your User Nickname and/or comment (40 characters max).

User-Submitted BriteCodes


This list contains BriteCodes for you to try.
Info is shown as:

BriteCode     (Display Type)
User Nickname and/or Comment




1IL4A=     (SOFT)
MondoMatt: Exciting, Colorful Display


22J13-     (DOTS)
BrightOne: Soft, Mellow, Relaxing


30603L     (DOTS)
ColorKing: Marissa’s favorite – fast & fun


258KL9     (SOFT)
Dreamer: Great for bedtime, soft & calm


222222     (SOFT)
Sunshine: Slow Flow Glow Flow!