Creative Passion for a Brite Idea

I’ve always loved beautiful transitions of light and color. Whether it be Christmas lights, fireworks or the subtle hues of an evening sunset.

One day I got the idea to invent something that would allow me to create my own personalized, interactive displays of moving light and color.

Fluid transitions of light, shapes and colors started to appear, almost like liquid light in a box. Like a digital Lava Lamp or Kaleidoscope.

Over 30 Million display combinations are possible, so I created a Gallery feature so I could collect and save my favorites to play back later.

People started to comment, “That’s pretty cool! You should sell those things!”

So here I am bringing MondoBrite into the world for everyone to enjoy. It’s a fun and creative way to play with moving light and color and make some beautiful luminous art.

I hope it will bring you joy, add a little light to your life and brighten your world.

~ Matt Ferrari

Britefun products are proudly designed and built right here in the USA. Each MondoBrite is individually hand assembled with care, providing you with a unique handcrafted product of the highest quality.